What our clients say

“Good contact and full professionalism in running a Facebook profile for Zyxel Polska. I recommend.”

Aleksander Styś
Internal Account Manager Zyxel Polska

“The company does a great job in customer activities. The press releases presented to the media are reliable – there are few advertisements in them, a lot of details. The tasks are carried out one hundred percent, the quality of services is at a high level. It is definitely worth to cooperate with the Projekt Zero2.”

Daniel Laskowski

“Working with ProjektZero2, you can be sure that you work with professionals and specialists in your field. The contact is instant, quick and accurate decisions are made, and the cooperation itself takes place in a nice atmosphere. ProjektZero is a PR agency, which we can honestly recommend as a publisher.”

Piotr Kała
Owner/Product Manager ITHardware

“We have been cooperating with Projekt Zero2 for several years. We fully recommend this agency as a reliable partner, which is characterized by a professional approach to the client and entrusted tasks. The agency’s employees are creative, flexible, accurate and committed to what they do. All ordered work is performed on time with due diligence and attention to every detail. In addition, they have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry in which they operate. Expressing our satisfaction with cooperation, we recommend Zero2 Project Agency.”

Ewa Szymańska
Sales & Marketing Manager Edimax Technology Polska

“Fully deserved five stars. Good contact, lots of helpful information, pleasant service.”

Grzegorz Karaś
redaktor PcFormat

“Collaboration is exemplary. Barbara Trepka is always ready to help.”

Andrzej Kisiała
Portal Telix.pl

“Great contact, professionally carried out the whole process of cooperation. I recommend!”

Elwira Zbadyńska

“I worked with this company making reviews of various types of products. I think you can trust Project Zero2 “

Sławomir Matz
Niezależny tester

“Best contact and very quick responses to all inquiries. Big thanks to Mrs. Basia for exemplary cooperation.”

Monika Wojciechowska