About us

We have been on the market for more than 15 years. The beginnings are the construction of websites and web portals as well as the sale of virtual servers and email accounts. We have implemented dozens of projects of websites, portals and online shops. We have experience in this field and we often help especially with comprehensive support.

We can boast such accomplished projects as:
Comprehensive marketing and PR service for brands from area: IT, electronics, mobile, Smart  Home, air conditioning, sports, medical, gardening, alarm / monitoring, household appliances

– Constructing and development of the service that serves over 150 thousand users around Poland
– Constructing, realization of online shops among others with households appliances (more than 15,000 clients), medical (more than 10,000 Serving clients)
– Cooperation with companies such as: Tauron SA, Linksys, Palit
Supporting of several international corporations in the presence their products in the media

At the moment, we focus on the promotion of foreign companies in Poland. Our task is to strengthen and familiarize the company’s products, services and knowledge about brands that the company represents. It mainly involves product tests and publications in the press, systematic sending news releases to portals, web sites and social media (facebook, twitter, whispering marketing).

The incentive to launch PR activities was our conviction that the money of our clients spend on traditional and online advertising does not translate into a profit growth and that unparalleled results can be achieved at several times lower cost.

Our core business is the broadly understood industry: IT (routers, switches, IP cameras, wireless devices, graphics cards, etc.).

We also operate in the fields of: consumer electronics, medical and sports. We are constantly developing and we are happy to enter new areas.

How do we work?

Step 1
Tell us about your business, and we will develop a strategy that works for your brand and products.

Step 2
We response for each email, information, phone call, we ask for more details.

We try to meet to find out something more about you. There is not always time to meet, but remember that mutual acquaintance may affect better cooperation.

It is often a great step to success, lack of understanding is thrown money!

Step 3
Within a few days we are ready to present an action plan that includes:

a) minimum and maximum variant of the scope of work
b) the cost that will be a result of taken actions and factors that depend on
c) additional solutions and guidelines that go beyond a main thread of the problem
d) estimated plan and deadline for the service

Our team:



Managing Director


IT Specialist


PR Executive


PR Executive


Marketing & PR Specialist